2015 Race Schedule

The 2015 Keel-boat racing season will consist of 26 races in the overall club championship, broken into 3 series - a weekend series, a summer weekday series, and a long distance series. Flags will be awarded for each series, as well as the overall championship.  The weekend race series will consist of two races for each scheduled weekend, run back-to-back with no break between the races. The summer weekday series will be run on 10 Thursday evenings in the summer. The 4 distance races are also included as part of the Sail Georgina club championship.

You can visit the Racing Page for more information about our club races, including a diagram of the permanent racing marks.

Sail Georgina Championship Races

Weekend Series - 12 Races (Saturdays)

May 23 Race #1 (9:30am) & Race #2
May 30 Race #3 (9:30am) & Race #4
June 13 Race #5 (9:30am) & Race #6
September 5 Race #21 (9:30am) & Race #22
September 19 Race #23 (9:30am) & Race #24
September 26 Race #25 (9:30am) & Race #26

Summer (weekday) Series - 10 Races (Thursday evenings)

June 18 Race #7 (6:30pm)
June 25 Race #8 (6:30pm)
July 2 Race #9 (6:30pm)
July 9 Race #11 (6:30pm)
July 16 Race #12 (6:30pm)
July 23 Race #13 (6:30pm)
July 30 Race #15 (6:30pm)
August 6 Race #16 (6:30pm)
August 13 Race #17 (6:30pm)
August 20 Race #19 (6:30pm)

Distance Series - 4 Races (Saturdays)

July 4 Race #10 (9:30am)
July 25 Race #14 (9:30am)
August 15 Race #18 (9:30am)
August 22 Race #20 (9:30am)

Sail Georgina Non Championship Races

These races are all just for fun, and do not count towards the club championship:

  • The annual Mayor's Cup Race (June 27th)
  • The annual "Women at the Helm" (July 11th)
  • Fun Pursuit race (July 18th)
  • Fun Pursuit race (August 1st)

Finally, don't forget the 2015 Lake Simcoe Interclub Series (LSIS). This series will be making it's annual visit to Sail Georgina (the Georgina Cup) for a full weekend again this year, with races on Saturday (Sept 12th) and Sunday (Sept 13th).

All of the races are also shown on the Sail Georgina calendar