Sail Georgina has a great racing program; We’re competitive AND friendly. The schedule for club races has now been published. The club’s racing rules and race results are also available.

Whether you’re racing a CL 16 dinghy on weekday evenings, campaigning your own boat in the club or at Inter-club races, or crewing on another member’s boat, racing is a great way to get out on the water and improve your sailing skills. Please consider joining the Racing Fleet this year.

Fees and costs

In addition to your Sail Georgina membership fee, there is a racing fee of $30 that is used to cover the repair and maintenance costs of the racing marks and equipment, and also pay for the flags that are awarded at the end of the season.

  • A PHRF (handicapping) certificate is required if you wish to race; this certificate allows race organizers to calculate your expected boat speed, and is accepted by all clubs across Ontario (in case you wish to race in other series as well, such as LSIS). A PHRF certificate costs $25, and is good for the entire year
  • PHRF have clarified that beginners who compete in five or less races can be formally handicapped and scored without being required to have a certificate. This means there is no cost (racing fees or otherwise) if you just wish to come out and try a couple of races.

Hope to see you at the Start Line!

Permanent Marks

Sail Georgina is truly fortunate to have a permanent, Coast Guard approved permanent race course. Lying approximately 1 mile north of Jacksons Point, the marks are arranged as two overlapping equilateral triangles with one line of bearing being 000/360 degrees. This allows six different triangular courses of one mile a side. The race committee will determine wind direction and then drop a second pin to form a start/finish line with the mark pre-determined by the Race Committee as the one appropriate for that wind direction.