Sailing to us

Sail Georgina is located at Jackson's Point harbour in the Town of Georgina  

Our GPS coordinates are 44° 19' 42" N,   79° 22' 00" W, and we're on the south shore of Lake Simcoe.

If you're sailing in from the west, make sure to locate the Town Line Shoal (less than a mile west of the harbour, and marked with a green buoy). Stay to the north of the buoy, it's shallow near the shore (to the south).

If you're sailing to us at night from the North, look for the Flashing Yellow light on the outer end of the Breakwater.

Driving to us

Join Sail Georgina!

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Affordable sailing at Jackson’s Point Harbour

Bring your boat to Jackson’s Point and join us.

An active and friendly community

Our members support each other; providing guidance, sharing sailing experiences and maintenance tips. We hold races throughout the season, including the Mayor’s Cup and "Women At The Helm" races, and in September we host the Georgina Cup, the last of the season’s multi-club races held on Lake Simcoe.

Our social activities are scheduled throughout the sailing season, often coinciding with the racing calendar. We also have post-season events to keep the sailing spirit going all year long!

What it costs

Slip fees at Jackson's Point Harbour are very reasonable. Furthermore, many of our members are local to Georgina, or from a neighbouring community, and are able to keep their boat on a cradle or trailer on their property (in accordance with the requirements of by-laws, of course) at no cost, or at the cost of cradle transportation. This results in considerable further savings over marina rates. Our members have lots of experience and can help figure out what might work best in your particular circumstances.

You can afford to Sail!

Contact us to learn more or just for a chat. You can reach us via email ( or phone at 1-877-977-SAIL (that's 1-877-977-7245)

If you're ready to register right now, you can go to our membership signup page