Sail Georgina operates a number of activities and events. The following policy provides the guidelines and responsibilities surrounding the Sailing School, sponsored by SGA.

6.1 Purpose

  1. a) The purpose of the Sailing School Guidelines are to:
  2. optimize safety of all participants at SGA Sponsored Sailing School
  3. provide responsible management of the Sailing School
  • provide consistent guidance to SGA members, OSA, and attendees
  1. provide an identified point of contact and decision making authority to Sailing School activities and concerns related to safety


6.2 Policy

  1. Prior to start of any Training Camp, conducted at the Jackson’s Point Harbour, the SGA Executive Committee shall appoint two active SGA members, nominally the Sailing Education Officer, and one additional member of the Sail Georgina Association. The purpose of the two SGA members will be to provide SGA guidance to the OSA instructors and Sailing School participants in regards to local wind and wave conditions and to specifically determine when the sailing boats are to be grounded and when such restriction can be lifted.
  2. On the evening before the first day of Sailing School, the Executive member responsible will review the Environment Canada forecast for Lake Simcoe. In addition, the weekly superforecast on Windfinder for Barrie, or suitable alternative, is also to be used. The Executive member will determine if the forecasts expect any periods of wind exceeding 10 knots during the Training School.
  3. If either source projects winds to exceed the guideline threshold then the Executive member will have discussion with the other SGA member designated and make decision whether to restrict the boats from the water. This decision is to be made the morning of the class and prior to any launch of Sailing School boats.
  4. Decision by the Executive and SGA member to change or reverse this decision can be made at any time, as forecasts or observed conditions warrant.



These policies are guidelines, and the Sail Georgina executive may use discretion in exceptional circumstances. In such a situation, there shall be a formal vote of the Sail Georgina executive before the policy exception is approved, and the results of this vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the executive meeting.


This policy document will be guided by the constitution.

This policy document was last updated 17 November 2013

Deleted: 7 January 2008