Sail Georgina Association is a self help, volunteer driven club and therefore has no paid employees. Launch, haulout, general maintenance and social functions are all accomplished through the efforts of members. Every Senior member is required to do work for the club, and this work is known as the Work Hours program. This policy document outlines the details of the Sail Georgina Work Hours Program.

4.1 Definitions

  1. a) Senior Member – A Senior Member is a member in good standing, who has a boat in a Sail Georgina slip in Jackson’s Point Harbour


4.2 Policy

  1. a) Every Senior Member is required to volunteer a minimum of eight hours to the club annually, per slip held (8 service hours per slip per year). In addition members must provide 2 weekend nights of harbour watch during the sailing season. Work hours can be worked anytime throughout the year (not just during sailing season, there are many off-water and off season things to do).
  2. b) Members should track their time through one of two methods:
  3. through the on-line tracking system located at
  4. Members can also email or contact a member of the executive to register hours worked at any time or call the club phone at 1-877-977-SAIL and leaving a message
  • For hours which do not fall under a category listed in the tracking book, but which have been approved by the executive, a handwritten note may be placed in the mailbox located in the harbourmasters office or an email sent to
  1. c) The Sail Georgina executive will help coordinate the work hour’s program on a best effort basis. However, it is the responsibility of the individual members to work their required hours.
  2. d) Work hour opportunities may be presented at the spring meeting, posted on the website, or posted in the harbourmasters office, or any combination of these three.
  3. e) If you feel that you can complete your volunteer hours in a manner which is not posted please present your ideas to a member of the executive before completing any task that you think will qualify as volunteer hours.
  4. f) The program is run on the honour principle; you simply sign the number of hours you have worked.
  5. g) In the event that a member does not complete their work hours, as they have agreed to do as a registered senior member of Sail Georgina, the policy of Sail Georgina is that:
  6. If by the end of Sail Georgina’s fiscal year, the member has not completed the required hours of volunteer work, their status in the harbour will be re-evaluated as follows:
  7. Permanent slip holders having a deficit of more than 1 work hour will be made temporary slip holders in the following season’s slip allocation.
  8. Temporary slip holders having a deficit of more than 1 work hour will be removed to the bottom of the harbour waitlist in the following season’s slip allocation.
  9. In the following season, the member will carry their deficit of work hours and will be required to complete it in addition to their regular work hours for the season.
  10. If a member is demoted to waitlist due to incomplete work hours, they will not advance on the waitlist until their work hours have been completed, and they no longer show a deficit.
  • Once a member whose slip allocation has been jeopardized by a deficit of work hours has caught up their work hours, the member will remain a temporary slip holder at the top of the waitlist, or will once again begin to advance on the waitlist.


These policies are guidelines, and the Sail Georgina executive may use discretion in exceptional circumstances. In

such a situation, there shall be a formal vote of the Sail Georgina executive before the policy exception is approved,

and the results of this vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the executive meeting.


This policy document was last updated 21 August, 2013

Deleted: 20 May 2008