Sail Georgina does not own any slips in Jackson’s Point harbour, and the agreement with the town or Georgina limits the Sail Georgina allocation to 30 slips. As a consequence, there is typically a waiting list for slips. This policy document guides how the slip allocation waiting list is managed.


3.1 Definitions

  1. a) Annual slip – a slip that has been assigned to a Sail Georgina member, and will be available as long as the member is in good standing. Note that an annual slip does not guarantee that the same physical slip will be assigned every year; different spaces may be assigned each year by the slip allocation committee.
  2. b) Temporary slip – a slip that has been assigned to a Sail Georgina member for the current year only.
  3. c) Senior Member – A Sail Georgina Member who has an SGA slip assignment for the current year


3.2 Policy

  1. a) The Waiting List is managed on a first-come, first served model.
  2. b) Due to the limited number of slips available, there are no guarantees about the availability of slip, or how long a member will be on the waiting list before a slip becomes available. There are no refunds of membership fees paid, if a member withdraws their name before a slip becomes available.
  3. c) To be on the waiting list for a slip, you must be a fully paid member of Sail Georgina. Membership fees must be paid before the deadline every year, or the position on the slip waiting list will be forfeit.
  4. d) The slips at Jackson’s Point harbour have significant size and draft (depth) restrictions. If a member has minimum requirements for a slip, these requirements shall be registered on the waiting list. In the event that a slip becomes available, but does not satisfy the stated minimum requirements, the member shall remain on the wait list, and the available slip will be offered as an annual slip to the next person on the waiting list.
  5. e) If a slip is offered to a member, but the offer is declined for any reason other than the above, the member will be removed from the waiting list, and the available slip will be offered as an annual slip to the next person on the waiting list.
  6. f) Senior Sail Georgina members in good standing (with an annual slip) are allowed a single one-year sabbatical from using their slip. In this situation, there may be slips that are available for a single year. Any such slips will be offered to the member at the top of the waiting list, as a temporary slip. The member will remain on the waiting list.
  7. g) Members who are on the wait list will be informed of their location on the wait list on an annual basis. They may also request (in writing) this information from the executive at any time.
  8. h) Offers of a slip to members on the Wait List can only be made in writing by the Rear Commodore or his/her designate, and must be accepted in writing by the Wait List member within 10 days of notice being sent. Failure to respond in writing within this time will result in the slip being offered to the next eligible person on the Wait List.
  9. i) To prevent the club from being exposed to potential unethical practices by senior members “selling their slip” with their boat and thus disadvantaging club members who are on the Wait List, Sail Georgina does not recognize, for slip allocation purposes, the joint ownership of boats. In the case where the ownership of a boat is in question, then ownership and eligibility for a slip will be determined by the name on the insurance policy covering the May 1st-October 31st sailing season. If the policy is issued in multiple names, the non-senior member will be designated as the new owner of the boat, and therefore will not be allocated a slip until eligible according to the current Wait List. These policies are guidelines, and the Sail Georgina executive may use discretion in exceptional circumstances. In such a situation, there shall be a formal vote of the Sail Georgina executive before the policy exception is approved, and the results of this vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the executive meeting.


This policy document was last updated 21 August 2013