Sail Georgina does not own any slips in Jackson’s Point harbour, and the agreement with the town of Georgina limits Sail Georgina to 30 slips. As a consequence, there are a limited number of slips available for members. This policy document guides how specific slips are allocated to members each year.


2.1 Definitions

  1. a) Usage Fee – Town of Georgina annual slip usage fee.
  2. b) Harbour Management Committee (HMC) – Defined by the constitution as “Chaired by the Rear Commodore and including the Fleet Captain, Fleet Captain – Dinghy and Secretary and other members as needed.”
  3. c) Temporary slip – a slip that has been assigned to a Sail Georgina member for the current year only.
  4. d) Senior Member – A Sail Georgina Member who has an SGA slip assignment for the current year


2.2 Policy

  1. a) The Harbour Management Committee (hereafter referred to as “HMC”) shall be responsible for Slip Administration and Allocation. Slip assignments are effective for one year only.
  2. b) Only sail boats belonging to SGA members may be allocated to SGA slips.
  3. c) Only Members who are fully paid up are eligible for a slip.
  4. d) Memberships are entitled to the allocation of only one slip.
  5. e) The HMC will consider the required LOA, beam, draft and slip availability when allocating slips.
  6. f) Slips usage is not transferable by the member. The slip cannot be lent, rented to, or borrowed by another member. If the member is to be away from the harbour more than 24 hours or overnight then the member should inform the Harbour Staff so that they may use the slip for transients, and ensure the transient is gone from the slip before the member is due to return.
  7. g) SGA Senior Members in good standing including work hours status may request a one year “slip sabbatical”. This request must be made in writing to commodore, by November 1st at the latest. The slip sabbatical allows the member to not use a slip for a maximum of one year, but retain rights to the slip for the following year. Membership fees are still due for the year, and must be paid by March 1st, if the member wishes to retain access to their slip for the following year. Once taken, the senior member becomes ineligible for a further sabbatical for a period of four years.
  8. h) Members on the waiting list may be assigned a temporary slip, to utilize the space left vacant by another member taking a slip sabbatical. This will be done with the understanding that the use of the temporary slip is for that season only. The member using the temporary slip must pay the senior membership fees for that year, and will retain his/her position on the waiting list.
  9. i) Important dates:
  10. Membership forms and slip application forms are due, every year, from every member before November 1st. This information must be received to ensure the slip allocation can be completed correctly. Requests for a one year slip sabbatical are also due by this date.
  11. All fees are due, including membership fees and Town of Georgina slip fees, before March 1st
  12. j) Slips will be allocated starting on March 1st. Only members who have fully paid their fees by March 1st are eligible for a slip. After this time, any remaining slips will be offered to fully paid members from the waitlist.
  13. k) All members who desire a slip, must file a “Slip Application Form” every year. Proof of insurance must be submitted. Only paid-up members with proof of liability insurance will be allocated a slip.
  14. l) All monies due, including Town of Georgina slip fees, must be made payable to the Sail Georgina Association and forwarded to the Treasurer on or before the due date.
  15. m) If a member has been allocated a slip, then the boat must be launched and in the harbour by June 30th. The HMC must be informed in writing, with explanation, prior to June 30th if a member is not going to make the June 30th date for launch. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the slip being allocated to a member on the waiting list, and the forfeiture of original member’s slip allocation.
  16. n) All new requests for a slip must be made in writing, on a slip application form.
  17. o) Boats in a Sail Georgina slip must be for private use only, and may not be used for commercial purposes. Any violation of this policy will result in forfeiture of the slip.
  18. p) Slips are owned by The Town of Georgina and are subject to all guidelines, bylaws and orders issued by The Town of Georgina (the “Town”), as well as those issued by Sail Georgina Association, and must be followed by senior members. Where association guidelines, bylaws, or orders conflict with Town guidelines, bylaws, or orders, those issued by the Town will take precedence.
  19. q) Overall authority for Slip Allocation rests with the Town of Georgina. The HMC will submit their recommendation to the Town at the beginning of each season and thereafter as the necessity arises. If a Sail Georgina member wishes to be relocated and/or lodge a protest; the request, with reasons, must be submitted in writing to the Sail Georgina Executive. On evaluation of the request the executive will make their recommendation to the Town, and inform the member of the result.
  20. r) Members who have plans to acquire larger boats should not assume that Sail Georgina will be able to accommodate the new boat in the harbour.
  21. Members should notify the executive in writing of their plans to acquire a larger boat at the earliest opportunity, and are strongly advised to wait until notified that a suitable slip is available before acquiring the new boat.
  22. s) Members should be prepared for an annual increase in slip fees in the range of 5% to 10%.
  23. t) In its agreement with Sail Georgina, the town has required that SGA must provide a “Harbour Watch” on weekends during the summer. To facilitate this, every senior members who has a boat with sleeping facilities must stay overnight in the harbour for at least two weekend nights during the season. Other volunteers will be very welcome and should make arrangements with the HMC.
  24. u) Dates of harbour access:
  25. From May 1st until the Victoria day weekend (in May), SGA boats may be docked at their

allocated slips in the harbour, but the town will provide no staffing, monitoring or security,

and boats that are in the harbour at this time are left there entirely at the owner’s risk.

  1. From the Victoria day weekend (in May) until the Thanksgiving weekend (in October), the harbour will be staffed and operational.
  • From Thanksgiving weekend (in October) until October 31st, SGA boats may be docked at their allocated slips in the harbour, but the town will provide no staffing, monitoring or security, and boats that are in the harbour at this time are left there entirely at the owner’s risk.
  1. All boats must be removed from the harbour by October 31st.
  2. These policies are guidelines, and the Sail Georgina executive may use discretion in exceptional circumstances. In such a situation, there shall be a formal vote of the Sail Georgina executive before the policy exception is approved, and the results of this vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the executive meeting.


This policy document was last updated 21 August 2013

Deleted: 12 January 2009