Sail Georgina as an organization has a number of external commitments that must be made, both financial and organizational. In order to manage these commitments, we require prompt payment of any fees that are due. This policy document outlines the schedules, due dates, and consequence of late payments for any fees that are due.

1.1 Definitions

  1. a) Senior Member – A Senior Member is a member in good standing, who has a boat in a Sail Georgina slip in Jackson’s Point Harbour
  2. b) Harbour Management Committee – Defined by the constitution as “Chaired by the Rear Commodore and including the Fleet Captain, Fleet Captain – Dinghy and Secretary and other members as needed.”


1.2 Policy

  1. a) Membership fees for General Members are $60 per year. These fees include
  2. Social Activities
  3. Voting rights at the SGA general meetings
  • The right to hold a space on the slip waiting list
  1. b) Membership fees for Senior Members are $110 per year. These fees include
  2. All rights of General Members (above)
  3. Slip Allocation at a discounted rate (compared to public slip rates)
  • Racing Program
  1. c) Membership fees for Community Sail Members are $110 per year. These fees include
  2. All rights of General Members (above)
  3. Access to the club’s dinghies when they are not required by the sailing school
  • Note: any damage caused to the club dinghy or equipment is not covered by this fee, and the member is responsible for repairing or replacing the damaged equipment
  1. d) Membership fees do not include the following (additional fees will be due, as required)
  2. Town of Georgina slip fees
  3. PHRF fees
  • Sailing Lessons
  1. e) March 1st – All fees are due
  2. Includes membership fees
  3. Includes Town of Georgina slip fees
  4. f) Slips will be allocated starting on March 1st. Only members who have fully paid their fees by March 1st are eligible for a slip. After this time, any remaining slips will be offered to fully paid members from the waitlist.
  5. g) New members who join Sail Georgina and pay their fees after October 1st will have their fees applied to the following season.
  6. h) Any payment to Sail Georgina made by a cheque that is not honoured (returned as NSF, etc) is due immediately. An additional fee of $25 is also required, to cover the bank service charges that Sail Georgina incurs in this situation.
  7. If the second cheque is also not honoured, a second additional fee of $25 will also be charged. In addition, the total payment (original amount + $25 + $25) is due immediately as cash, certified cheque or money order.
  8. If any fees are outstanding, no further Sail Georgina services or membership privileges will be provided until all fees and services charges due are paid in full.


These policies are guidelines, and the Sail Georgina executive may use discretion in exceptional circumstances. In such a situation, there shall be a formal vote of the Sail Georgina executive before the policy exception is approved, and the results of this vote shall be recorded in the minutes of the executive meeting.


This policy document was last updated 21 August 2013

Deleted: 7 January 2008