Welcome to the 2016 Sailing Season

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Hello to all Sail Georgina members, and welcome to the 2016 Sailing Season.

I am sure you were all as impatient as I was to get through that very mixed winter and spring (so far). But, it appears we all made it and now we can again enjoy the camaraderie of launch, and getting everything on your vessel ship-shape for what I hope will be a wonderful sailing season for us all.

Some boats have already launched, and there are still quite a few to come. Social has already started 2016 on May 7 watching and cheering splash at the Point for 10 boats. I am certain that Paul has lots more activities planned, that will get all members actively involved in our harbour so keep your eyes on the Social Calendar.

The racing schedule is set for the season and can be viewed on our new web site SailGeorgina.ca. I hope everyone gets out to put their skills and seamanship up against the best Sail Georgina and Lake Simcoe have to offer. We have a long tradition of competitiveness amongst SGA membership, and the rest of Lake Simcoe, driven by our competitive spirit resulting in camaraderie and friendships developed throughout the Lake and beyond. The fist two Club Races are set for Saturday May 21, starting 10:00 am.

We are still working on our new website SailGeorgina.ca, which will be a continuous work in progress, but we trust it will serve us all well and that the efforts will be worthwhile. Check it out and we welcome your feedback.

Last but not least. please allow me to address some of the non-sailing activities that have affected us all. First, thanks to all for your efforts and diligence in helping to get our house in order by providing the mandatory proof of insurance that the Town requires us all to have. We are almost complete, and the Executive will continue to follow up with the few that are left. Secondly, we acknowledge and understand the concerns raised with the parking situation, as has been implemented by the Town this year. We have, and will continue to be, in discussions with the Town in attempts to come up with a mutually acceptable resolution to this issue. Your Executive will keep you apprised when we have something tangible to pass on.

Enjoy the 2016 Sailing Season!

A bad day sailing is 100 times better than a good day at work…………….. Anonymous (and Me!)

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  1. Commodore Ken,

    Looking forward to an exciting, fun, relaxing, sociable summer at the harbour. As always!!
    Hopefully, we will all fit in plenty of sailing whether cruising, racing or even a lake regatta or two.

    Now, if only the snow would stop falling today. I did not bring a snow shovel to the harbour. 😉


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