Click here to add the Sail Georgina calendar to your Google, Windows, Mac or iPhone calendar

The Sail Georgina calendar can be viewed here on the web site, but you can also add it to your own calendar, and any additions or changes made to the calendar will automatically be updated on your calendar. Instructions vary by the calendar you use:
Web calendars
Desktop (PC or Mac) calendars
Mobile & smartphone calendars
You can also add the calendar to your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad - here's how:
  1. Use one of the above links to add the Sail Georgina calendar to your computer's calendar - either Outlook (on Windows) or iCal (on a Mac)
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer. iTunes should automatically open (but if not, then open iTunes yourself)
  3. On the left pane in iTunes, select your iphone from the Devices list
  4. In the main window pane, select the Info tab at the top (your default view is summary)
  5. Scroll Down to Calendars, the second section down
  6. Check the Sync iCal Calendars box
  7. You have a choice whether to sync all of your calendars or just selected ones. You can check what you want
  8. The Sail Georgina calendar should now appear on your iPhone
Everything else
You can also download the ICS file, and import it into any calendar program you wish. Note that this approach is a non-updating calendar, and is only for calendars that can’t handle updating subscriptions.

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